Thank you for your support

There are a lot of great people who help us make 1902 Club happen every month. And they deserve a BIG thank you. So here goes…

CircuIT Recruitment – Principal Supporter

Trent and his team generously allow us to take over their office on Collins Street every month to host our events. Without their support 1902 Club would be homeless. We cannot thank them enough. Of course – they happen to be top-notch IT recruiters. Check out what they do at

Rebecca Boles

Meetup – 21st June 2016. Financial Success. Rebecca took the group through a thought-challenging and practical workshop about personal finance, how to set life goals, define the resources required and develop a strategic financial plan to achieve those goals. She works as a butt-kicking financial coach with Wealth Enhancers, get in touch with her here to book a session you won’t regret!

Sonya Stattmann

Meetup – 17th May 2016. Finding Clarity. Sonya provided a powerful workshop and wisdoms for finding clarity, guiding decision making, and understanding the importance of feelings and purpose in your work and life. She provides a range of coaching and consultation services.

Nicole Smith

Meetup – 19th April 2016. 8 Steps for building a personal brand. Nicole shared her top tips for creating an eye-catching, relevant and polished personal brand – covering all the key platforms and providing insights into the dos and don’ts. Nicole provides a range of marketing, branding and social media consulting services.

Dawn O’Neil AM

Meetup – 22nd March 2016. Making an Impact. Dawn led and inspiring discussion around career and life, drawing on her extensive (and impressive!) personal and professional experiences to highlight ways in which we can and should aim to have positive social impact.
Read more about Dawn O’Neil here.